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PMMail 2000 History: Version 2.20.2711 - 02/11/03

Changes in version 2.20.2711 Professional

  • - PGP SDK 3.0 - PMMail 2000 Professional now supports PGP 8.0 keys with the integration of PGP SDK 3.0 from PGP, Inc. There is a known problem with the display of high-ASCII characters within the PMMail 'Security' menu.

Changes in version 2.20.2661

  • - APOP Receive - PMMail now sends the password to the server in all lower case characters when using APOP authentication, per RFC 1939.
  • - Known Issues - Use of bulleted lists in HTML formatting compose will cause text to be translated into 'Symbol' font.

Changes in version 2.20.2660

  • - FIXED - Fixed problem with a message that was causing PMMail to crash.

Changes in version 2.20.2659

  • - FIXED - Corrected the issue of trial periods expiring after one use.

Changes in version 2.20.2657

  • - ADDED - Option to General Settings menu to turn off the Reply-to header.
  • - FIXED - Migration utility is now working properly for Outlook Express 6, Eudora 5.1.1 and Netscape 4.x

Changes in version 2.20.2634

  • - ADDED - Option to Preferences menu that allows you to view text/plain only in messages with that option.
  • - FIXED - Problem with duplicate messages being sent has been resolved.
  • - FIXED - Message headers not printed when the option was selected from the print dialog.
  • - FIXED - Use of $s.sig$ variable in canned replies was not using the specified signature file when called by a filter.
  • - FIXED - TAB key now functions properly in the message compose window.
  • - FIXED - Problem with filters moving messages containing more than one matching address.
  • - FIXED - Problem with F11 and F12 closing messages opened through search results window.
  • - FIXED - Contents of <script> tags in Canned Replies are no longer stripped out on message send.
  • - FIXED - Sub-folders were not updated correctly when they were moved within PMMail 2000.
  • - FIXED - Filter not recognized when more than one address from called Address Book is entered as recipient of message.
  • - FIXED - Issues with adding address groups to recipient list have been resolved.

Changes in version 2.20.2502

  • - FIXED-Add address to Bounce popup: Activate the Bounce pop-up menu and attempt to add address from RMB Address Book list. Only adds addresses from the Most Recently Used list, not Address Books or Groups.
  • - FIXED-Add Sender to Group or Book:- Cancel Add Sender to... and PMMail crashes
  • - FIXED-Add Group to Recipient list: Address not filled in the To: field of a new message properly when using Address Group whose members were added with RMB.
  • - FIXED-Forward Filter: Using Forward as an action in a filter does not work, messages are placed in Outbox with the status of Sent, but they are never Sent.
  • - FIXED-Thorn character: Messages with thorn (Þ) character in the header cause PMMail to loose track of messages
  • - FIXED-VB Runtime Crash on Send: SMTP server was expecting Mail From: address in <>'s and PMMail wasn't sending the command in that format. (Specific only to certain servers.)

Changes in version 2.20.2475

  • - Attachments: You can now add more than one attachment at a time.
  • - Send/Receive: The send function now processes all messages in the outbox.
  • - Spell Checker: The spell checker functions properly on replies and checks highlighted text.

Version 2.20.2474 not a public release

Changes in version 2.20.2472

  • - Address & Address Book: The RMB address popup error that crashed PMMail has been corrected. Also, drag-drop from the address book is fixed.
  • - Spell Checker: A problem that caused the spell checker to hang at 1% on empty messages has been fixed.
  • - Code: More of the PMMail source code has been updated from C to C++.
  • - Log File: Fixed a problem with a PMMail.log file appearing on some Window 98 and ME systems.

Changes in version 2.20.2469

  • - Accounts: An error that occurred with switching accounts during a fetch on some machines has been corrected.
  • - Attachments: The attachments error present in PMMail has been corrected. Folder re-indexing will need to be performed to correct messages that currently show this behavior.
  • - Code: Much of the PMMail source code has been updated from C to C++.
  • - Drafts: The save as draft filepath error from version 2402 has been corrected.
  • - Header: Correction to a header issue that crashed the Standard version.
  • - Memory: Optimization of code has been made to correct known memory leaks in the program.
  • - Search: The search error from version 2402 has been corrected.

Version 2.20.2468 not a public release

Changes in version 2.20.2402

  • - Code: Much of the PMMail source code has been updated from C to C++.
  • - ESMTP: Extended SMTP authentication support has been added to PMMail 2000.
  • - SMTP: Improvements have been added to the SMTP sending and authentication.

Changes in version 2.20.2380

  • - Server: A correction was made to the retry method when using alternate means of SMTP authentication.

Changes in version 2.20.2370

  • - Disk free space: Corrected a free space calculation error in Windows when the amount of freespace was near multiples of 2 gigabytes.
  • - Server: Improvements were made to the retry method for alternate means of SMTP authentication.

Changes in version 2.20.2360

  • - Encoding: Corrected an error with the message encoding/decoding that occurs with some messages.

Changes in version 2.20.2350

  • - Editor: Corrects 'Select All' in messages greater than 64K
  • - Filter: Corrects issue where if search criteria wasn't in first line of a multi-part section it was missed
  • - Search: Search function in message body corrected/improved

Changes in version 2.20.2340

  • - Editor: PMMail uses the riched20.dll in Windows for editing rather than PMMEdit.dll

Changes in version 2.20.2330

  • -Compatibility: Corrects 64k limit for screen readers
  • -Compatibility: Correction to some Kernel32.dll issues under Windows 9x/ME
  • - Editor: Corrected a 64K message truncation error that occurred with version 2.20.2300
  • - Editor: Updated PMMEdit.dll to correct incompatibility error with some programs that began in version 2.20.2320.
  • - Help: Updated help file
  • - Help: Updated DLL's for help system
  • - Installer: Now deletes file PMMail.GID for help file

PMMEdit.dll patch made available.

Changes in version 2.20.2320

  • - Charset: Corrected character set translation issue when MIME header is not included.
  • - Editor: Corrected character translation error for display of some high-ASCII characters.
  • - HTML: Corrected issue where accented characters in HTML messages are dropped
  • - HTML: Corrected an HTML display error with some messages that began in version 2.20.2300

Version 2.20.2310 - Not a public release

Changes in version 2.20.2300

  • - Date/Time: Corrected TZ calculation for timezones
  • - Date/Time: Corrected reading of date/timestamp from Qmail servers
  • - HTML: Colors can now be specified by rather than just by hexidecimal code
  • - Installer: Updated Readme file.
  • - Memory: Clean memory calls for increased stability.

Changes in version 2.20.2200

  • - Charset: Corrected display issues related to US codepage 437
  • - Date/Time: Redifined 70 time zones supported by PMMail
  • - Filter: Corrected the issue where a filter deleting an incoming message would still notify the user of a new message.
  • - Filter: Corrected crash caused deleting a message before moving or bouncing it.
  • - Header: Corrected parsing error in messages containing multiple recipients. This error originally popped up in 2.20.2100
  • - HTML Links: Updated links located in the 'Help' section.
  • - Migration: Added support for Outlook Express 5
  • - Migration: Migration support for all 3.x and 4.x versions of Netscape
  • - Status bar: Message file size is displayed during file transfers
  • - Toolbar: Added ability to toggle the display of the toolbar on/off.
  • - Truncation: Grammar correction in message truncation notification

Changes in version 2.20.2100

  • - Account settings: Corrected the 'tab' order in the Send settings.
  • - Attachment: The Show attachments window now properly recognizes keyboard commands.
  • - Demo: Corrected timeout error for some systems
  • - Editor: Corrected error where blank spaces after high ASCII characters are dropped in HTML messages where the font size is 8
  • - Filter: Modified the 'No Spam' filter in PMMail to make up for changes when variables were initially added to the ICSL.
  • - Message Wrapping: Altered message wrapping so that values greater than 30 wrap at that point. Values less than 30 default to 0 and have no message wrapping
  • - Password: Corrected getting locked out of an account when the password field is left 'blank'
  • - PGP: Messages containing high-ASCII characters are no longer converted to 'Quoted Printable' before being encrypted.
  • - PGP: Updated the PGPsdk to version 1.7.8 (PGP.dll still reports it as version 1.7.1)
  • - Save: Corrected error saving messages as an external file if there is a < in the message subject.
  • - Status bar: Increased update period for file transfer status for each percent, with one update per second.
  • - Timeout: Corrections to timeout setting when fetching mail from server

Changes in version 2.10.2030

  • - Address Book: Corrected crash adding names containing a comma to the book
  • - Attachments: Corrected messages containing attachments that were duplicating in the message list.
  • - Canned Reply: A blank line is no longer appended to the end of a canned reply.
  • - DST: Compiled with a new Microsoft C++ compiler that corrects issues calculating daylight savings time when it falls on April 1.
  • - Editor: When messages longer than 64K in size are added to PMMail's editor they are no longer truncated without warning
  • - Filter: A filter forwarding a message will now send the attachment as well (if any).
  • - Filter: Corrected error searching for email addresses with a period before the @ sign.
  • - Filter: Can now save attachments to a drives root directory.
  • - Filter: Fixed, delete Message (remote copy)
  • - Filter: Individual manual filters may now be executed on the Sent Mail folder
  • - Filter: 'User Hook' now passes the full filepath and name of a message
  • - Hotkey: Changed hotkey in the PMMail|Properties menu
  • - Hotkey: F3 button now closes PMMail
  • - HTML: PMMail can now ad multi-worded subjects when clicking on Mailto: links
  • - HTML: Mailto links are no longer case sensitive if a 'body' or 'subject' tag is called
  • - Javascript: Messages containing Javascript no longer close PMMail
  • - Ordering: Updated FAX number.
  • - RFC: Compliance with RFC 821
  • - Search: Tabbing through the search box no longer leads to a deadspot
  • - Server: Setting the fetch interval to less tan 30 seconds no longer defaults back to 30,000
  • - Server: APOP authentication has been corrected.
  • - Server: Added support for SMTP Authentication; CRAM-MD5 and LOGIN
  • - System Tray: Corrected PMMail locking up when some RMB options weher activated from the system tray.
  • - Timeout: Timeout function for mail fetching from server.

There was a test version changing called 2.10.1999 released at this point.

Changes in version 2.10.2010 (since 2.01.1600)

  • - Address Book: Now printable
  • - Address Book: Find tool is now available
  • - Address Book: Support for import/export of CSV formats
  • - Address Book: RM popup is available when defining groups
  • - Addressing: Added option to disable automatic addressing
  • - Attachments: Attachment information is now cached
  • - Bounce: Corrected issue where bouncing would re-send message to the BCC: list.
  • - Display: Fixed display error where messages had an incorrect body
  • - Fetch: 'Fetch All Accounts' option and button.
  • - Filters: Added 'Save All Attachments' function.
  • - Filters: 'Print Message' function now allows the ability to specify other printers
  • - Filters: Corrected double send issue
  • - Filters: An 'All' selection was added to the 'Apply Manual filters'
  • - Header: Fixed issue decoding some strange header lines.
  • - Header: 'In reply to' header is now added so that mail clients that thread messages will be able to thread those from PMMail.
  • - Hooks: Added the '%s' option to be passed in hooks
  • - Hotkey: Corrected New Message hotkey
  • - Hotkey: Fixed hotkey issue on popup folder menu
  • - HTML: Mailto: stripped off of embedded email addresses
  • - ICSL: Added new variables, tags, fields, and flags to filters, canned replies, and printing.
  • - Installation: Corrected error copying COMCTL32.DLL
  • - LDAP support
  • - Networking: Support for Dial-up networking
  • - PGP: PMMail Professional now recognizes PGP keys by KeyID rather than by email address
  • - Preview Pane: Errors are now reported when a file is not found
  • - Printing: Fixed crash printing messages with really long lines
  • - Printing: Customization of printing is now available
  • - Re-index: Function rewritten and moved to 'Tools' menu.
  • - Search: Corrected occasional error of 'search subfolder option.
  • - Signatures: Fixed issue of adding double signature when a message is opened while in the outbox.
  • - Spellchecker: Dictionary file word count was increased from 125,000 to 250,000 words.
  • - Vcard: Fixed bug in VCard support.
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